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The mould shop management system includes a number of auditing facilities

Hourly Audits

QA staff (for example) can specify checks that should be carried out hourly for any part. Once a check is specified it will automatically appear on the supervisors PDA the next  time  hourly output data is collected for that part. A generic audit can also be held that will appear for any part that does not have a specific audit - for example to check that the SOS is being followed, the correct labels are being used or the operator ID is being applied to parts.

Safety Checks

Daily safety audits can be carried out. In the machine (press) setup you can specify whether a daily audit is required for each press. The plant dashboard will identify which presses that have run today have/have not had an audit and record a % of audits carried out KPI.

All failed items  in an audit must have a comment recorded. From the dashboard or audit screen you can view all failed items  (such as pressure mats not working, inter-locks not working) and use the system to record and monitor remedial actions. 

Other Audits 

You can create any kind of audit in the MSMS.  The answer to each questions can be yes/no, select from a list, numerical (with upper/lower tolerance allowing an automatic pass/fail ) or text .